Holistic solutions for managing energy communities – that optimize energy resources, improve efficiency, and unveil untapped potentials. Our approach thrives on adaptability, allowing us to finely tailor the application to each customer’s needs. Experience in crafting versatile, scalable modules have culminated in a solution that embraces a range of user features. Notable among these are:


  •   Community Management and Governance: Allows for creating citizen-driven energy communities, facilitating active engagement in decision-making, operational processes, growth, and scalability. It ensures effective communication, risk mitigation, and knowledge sharing.


  •   Energy Monitoring: Empowers users with tools to optimize energy usage by monitoring consumption and renewable generation, and make informed decisions for economic savings and environmental benefits.


  •   Collective Self-Consumption: Enables members to share generated renewable energy, fostering collaboration, reducing costs, and promoting collective responsibility.


  •   Energy Balance: Harmonizes energy demands and supplies through data-driven algorithms, ensuring a sustainable energy distribution within the community.


  •  Economic Balance: Provides insights into energy-related expenses, savings, and earnings, allowing users to shape the community’s economic sustainability.


  •  Environmental Balance: Translates complex environmental data into understandable concepts, visualizing contributions like carbon emission reductions and equivalent tree plantings.


  •   Predictive Analytics: Utilizes data-driven forecasts to optimize energy behaviors, empowering users to proactively manage consumption and generation for efficiency and cost reduction.


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